When is the Fort open?

Fort Duffield is open from Sunrise to Sunset all year long.

Do you offer tours? What do tours cost?

Yes. Tours are available by contacting the Friends of Fort Duffield at 502-594-9995 or via email-fortduffield@gmail.com

Tours are provided for $ private groups

Military and Scouts are free.

Can you camp there?

Usually not. If you are a Scout troop, we allow overnighters with a Camping Permit. You would be required to sign a release form also.

Can vehicles drive up to or thru the Fort?

If a group wishes a tour or a Scout Troop overnights here, we do allow vehicles up to the Latrine area parking lot only. Bicycles and Horses or any electric vehicle are not permitted in the Fort. There are trails for bicycles and certain trails for Horses in the future. We also have walking trails

How can I become a volunteer?

We always need volunteers, and it is easy to become one. Let us know by filling out the membership form and email to fortduffield@gmail.com.  

There are perks for this also, like a key to drive your vehicle up to the latrine parking lot.

Who takes care of the Fort?

Fort Duffield is maintained by Volunteers. They try to keep the Fort clean and make repairs. If you see anything that requires attention, please contact us

Do you accept donations?

Yes! Repairs cost money and we encourage donations be place in our donation box at the lower parking lot where the brochures are located. The box requires two-person access. Monies are annotated and discussed in our meeting for deposit. Or, click the link below.